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We're just getting started. So, we have a limited number of books in our stable, but it's growing. At this time, we're interested in three broad categories, where we believe we have expertise:

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Co-operation is the Key to Success

Creating books is a team sport, and working together is at the heart of our small business. At the moment, it's just a small team of us, but we aim to grow and profit sharing is at our heart. We will build a structure for our business where our "Creators" share a portion of our profits each year. Our "Creators" are those who are active in developing our writers and our books - authors, coaches, designers, editors, marketers, etc.

To be a current "Creator" you'll need to have been active in SuperNova in the last twelve months. For more information, Contact Us

Current Titles


pals Book Cover

Henry P Barnes

(first published 2014, new edition published in 2019)

Pals is a sweeping tale starting at the turn of the 20th century and concluding in the 1920's. It tells the story of Albert Webb, a young man born into extreme poverty in an industrial town in northern England. His family live a hand to mouth existence, and young Albert is desperate to move away to find a better life. It's never that simple to leave when you have no money. As a child, he believed that the key to escape was to join the army - to see the world.

Then, his life starts to get better - he secures a good job that pays well, gets the girl of his dreams, and becomes the star player on his local football team. All is looking up for Albert.

But then, everything falls apart with the outbreak of the Great War. Cajoled by his friends, Albert joins up and finds himself in a local Pals battalion, in the thick of the Battle of the Somme. On the opening day of that battle, he's pinned down in a crater, under intense fire, and holding his best friend in his arms, watching him die an agonising death. Survival means that he must find his true strength. Unwittingly, Albert becomes a reluctant, and decorated war hero, something he struggles to come to terms with.

Pals is about making sense of the catastrophe of war. It's about a young man coming of age on the Western Front, and finding who he really is. It's about love and friendship, amid the smoke of battle. And finally it's about returning to normal at the end of four years of destruction, with medals pinned to your chest, but no place in the world.

Despite being set in WW1, Pals has great resonance in today’s world. It will take you deep into the battle, so that you can almost taste the cordite. And you will feel as though Albert is your closest friend.


sons Book Cover

Henry P Barnes


Sons is the sequel to 'Pals', and is largely set in the Second World War. Norman Webb is the arrogant, headstrong, youngest child of Albert Webb. Albert came home from war in 1918, determined never to talk about his experiences, and ensure there were no reminders in the house of his time in uniform. Consequently, he never discussed the war with his family - which became the source of tremendous tension with Norman, who assumed his father had been a conscientious objector. While his school friends talked with pride about their fathers' exploits in the trenches, Norman had no such stories to tell.

The story begins on the eve of the outbreak of WW2, and Norman blames Albert and his generation for failing to get the job done in 1918. Norman believes it must fall to him and his generation to finish what their parents failed to do. He's itching to get into uniform, and when he finally does, he joins the Royal Air Force and is selected for navigator training. Posted to Yorkshire, he joins a Halifax bomber squadron and goes about his job with business-like determination.

Norman finds love with a local girl, and with the war gradually turning towards victory, in 1944, Norman believes he can see the end in sight. But, his war is just beginning.

When his plane is shot down over Holland, returning from a bombing raid in Germany, Norman is captured by the SS who instead of sending him to a prisoner-of-war camp, incarcerate him in a concentration camp in Southern Germany. He's put with a group of allied prisoners, but they witness first hand the horrors of Nazi racial policies. Just as his father had dug deep to find his inner resolve on the Western Front, so must Norman do the same behind barbed wire. He determines to escape and bear witness and avenge those murdered at the hands of the barbarous SS.

Sons is loosely based on a true story. It is a story about a little known element of WW2, allied prisoners in concentration camps. Norman has to deal with his situation whilst trying to make sense of a complex relationship with his father. It's about friendship. But ultimately it's about a choice Norman has to make when he comes face to face with evil.

two brothers, together

two brothers, together Book Cover

Henry P Barnes


Jamal and Aziz are brothers, growing up in a prosperous middle class family in Helmand, Afghanistan. Their childhood is relatively blissful and normal, in the aftermath of a long and painful war. It all changes for them when they're forced to hide in the family's bomb shelter, when a gang of insurgents arrive at the house, aiming to press gang the boys and send them to war. Jamal and Aziz witness the brutal murder of their father, and when the gang threaten to return, there's only one thing for the boys to do. They must leave. With nowhere else to go in Afghanistan, and an estranged uncle living somewhere in England, they resolve to flee and head for the UK.

Their journey is fraught with danger. With only a few dollars to their names, they must be creative to simply survive. They are forced to beg in the streets, take menial jobs where they can, and when things get desperate they must steal.

Jamal and Aziz fall into the hands of organised criminals who promise to transport them to England, for a fee - which turns out to be their very souls.

Rob is a truck driver on a regular route to and from Germany. Unwittingly, he is also in the hands of the gangs, and unknown to him, he's been trafficking people across the North Sea for some time. When he discovers Jamal and Aziz hidden in the back of his truck, his whole world is turned upside down. What he discovers about the fate of illegal immigrants forces him to challenge his own beliefs, and he's faced with a choice - to help the boys, or turn his back on them.

"Brothers" is a book for today. It speaks to the heart of our politics in twenty-first century Europe. It's not about the rights and wrongs of immigration, it’s about the plight of people. It's about discovering who you really are, and trying to maintain self-respect and dignity in the face of appalling degradation.

"Brothers" will open your eyes to what's going on, and it will take you on a roller coaster ride from Helmand to Manchester.